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Petite Heart Locket

The tiniest hand-carved heart locket on an elongated cable chain, with a front toggle clasp that secures both the necklace and the two locket halves in place.

Pictured in 14.5" length. Also see our necklace length guide for further reference.

The pendant is 15.5 mm wide, and fits an 11.5 mm photograph.

Also available on a Figaro chain.

Fitting your photograph in the locket:
Place the included tracing paper over your photo, and trace the printed heart shape with a ballpoint pen, pressing hard. This will make a groove in your photo's paper without marking it. Cut along the groove with nail scissors, and place the cut out photo in the locket. Run a toothpick along the edges to push them inside the hidden groove in the locket. Glue should not be necessary if the photo is precisely cut, but you can add a droplet for extra security.



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Petite Heart Locket Petite Heart Locket Petite Heart Locket