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Laurie Franck is an artist based in Lyon, France. 

After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, she first chose photography as her principal medium, shooting and collaborating with fashion brands, magazines, and music bands. Over time, her style grew more and more personal. Inspired by the models' bodies and the setting around them, she began playing with body lines and architecture, moving from a commercial to a more artistic style of photography.

After meeting tattoo artist Paolo Bosson in 2014, her artistic work took a whole new direction. Bosson introduced her to the technique of handpoke tattoos, which merged with her first passion of drawing.

As with her preference for analog photography, in her tattoo work she chose to stick with needle and ink, finding the age-old technique to be more faithful to her lines and to her meditative state of mind during the act of tattooing on a person's skin.

In all of Laurie's work across mediums, the naked body is at the center of her art: alone, in love, sexual, or abstract. Her fragile lines depict or deconstruct the human shape; reminding us that it's this body that connects us to ourselves, and above all, connects us to each other.

We talked with Laurie about her first tattooing experience, working across mediums, and more in this interview.


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