Fine Jewelry & Our Philosophy

When we launched our first solid gold pieces, we knew we didn't want to go about it the traditional way. We didn't want to create something that would be coveted from behind glass, weighed down by its unattainable price tag. We like our jewelry to be approachable, wearable; that little gleam of gold should feel easy and natural.

This is why we decided to make all our gold styles available directly to you - and only through us. By bypassing the usual retail markups, we're able to keep the prices affordable while using the highest quality materials, to produce jewels that will last you a lifetime.

Our fine jewelry collection includes light-hearted, signature styles and miniature versions of our best-loved designs in solid 14k gold. Each and every piece is handmade to order in our studio, minimizing waste and ensuring the highest amount of attention invested in each piece by our goldsmiths.

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Affordable fine jewelry from Knobbly Studio