How to Wear an Ear Climber

How to wear ear climbers | Knobbly Studio

STEP 1 / Locate the tip of the ear climber's long, curved post.

STEP 2 / Thread the post all the way through your piercing, as you would a normal ear hook.

STEP 3 / Flip the ear climber up and back until your earlobe is gripped between the earring's body and the post.

STEP 4 / Gently squeeze between thumb & forefinger so that the climber feels secure, but does not pinch.

Outline Ear Climbers | Knobbly Studio

How to wear ear climbers // style tips

Ear climbers are uniquely flattering because of the way they angle towards the face, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. The more minimalistic styles are totally appropriate for most work environments, and they're comfortable enough to wear morning to night.

You can wear ear climbers with any outfit where you would wear stud earrings, but we think they really shine when worn with turtlenecks or high neck styles. Silver + black turtleneck, or gold + soft grey marl, high neck sweater are some personal favorites. Pull your hair back into a sophisticated bun to let them show!

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