How to Wear an Ear Cuff


Wearing an ear cuff for the first time can be tricky, but with a bit of practice, putting it on becomes as intuitive as slipping into any other type of jewel. Start out facing a mirror:

Hold the cuff parallel to your ear, with the cuff rings near you, the larger ring on top, and the arch pointing back from your face. 

 Hold the ear cuff parallel to your cheek


Hook the smaller ring on your ear where the soft earlobe meets the stiffer cartilage. Slide it down your ear and hook the upper ring on as well.

Find the spot where the earlobe meets the cartilage.

Turn the ear cuff a bit so it lies flat on your ear.

Now slide it up or down until it finds its place. It may sit a little higher or lower on your ear than on the model; every ear is different.

Slide the ear cuff higher or lower

When you've found the right place for your ear cuff, slide your fingers to the very end of the cuff rings, and squeeze gently until the cuff is secure, but does not pinch. 

It is important to only squeeze the very tip of the cuff rings, to avoid flattening them, causing them to pinch your ear:

Squeeze the cuff ring at the tip

You will only need to do this once. Do not pry the cuff rings open or bend them back and forth! Doing that will weaken the metal and may cause them to break.


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