The Knobbly Studio team
Left to right: Moran, Svetlana, Gittit, Israel


Knobbly Studio team: Gittit Szwarc

Gittit Szwarc

The founder and designer behind Knobbly Studio. Responsible for branding & strategy, coffee, and leading everyone on frequent crusades to rearrange all the furniture.
Read more about Gittit's background and philosophy here.

Knobbly Studio team: Svetlana Kotsareva

Svetlana Kotsareva

Joined the team: 2014
Roles: making, packaging & shipping
Strong, smart, and opinionated in the best possible way, Sveta came to Israel on her own when she was 16.
We scouted her for her sharp eye for detail and silverworking skills, but soon discovered she's also a natural problem solver who's rescued us from many a frustrated meltdown at the end of a long day. If there's a dead end ahead, Sveta will breezily find five ways around it.


Knobbly Studio team: Israel Balke

Israel Balke

Joined the team: 2015
Roles: prototyping, head of production
With over 40 years of jewelry making experience, there's no technique or material Israel hasn't played with - the key word being "play". Israel approaches every new challenge with the delight and curiosity of a kid with a new toy (which makes it really hard sometimes to pace ourselves with developing new styles!).
When he's not prototyping, Israel oversees production, fine-tuning techniques and creating custom tools to make our workflow efficient. He's also responsible for keeping us saturated in golden jazz & soul greats and keeping Moran on her toes with the occasional gentle prank.

Knobbly Studio team: Moran Cohen

Moran Cohen

Joined the team: 2015
Roles: head of fulfillment & operations, making
Moran joined the team originally as a maker. However, we quickly uncovered her secret superpower: the ability to look at a big, looming project and disassemble it into a plan of attack. 
These days, Moran is the one keeping packaging, shipping and production running smoothly in the studio. She also finds the time to go on research expeditions to learn the works of new materials and techniques, and is great at fanning half baked ideas into full blown projects (and also criticizing them when needed). On long days that run into nights in the studio, you'll discover there's a wicked spare-no-one wit concealed behind that angelic demeanor!